Freudenberg Performance Materials Supports STEM Education in Durham, NC.

About The Program

Educating and inspiring young students about the work environment is an essential building block to improving the quality of transferable skills required for employment. Companies are now starting to realize that they can connect with students at an earlier age to build pipelines of diverse talent for potential job positions within their organizations.

One of those companies, Freudenberg Performance Materials, is located right here in the Research Triangle Park. Freudenberg partnered with Betabox through CIS Durham to showcase some of the skills and technology needed to become a future employee at their company.

What were the desired outcomes for the program? 

Through an existing relationship with CIS Durham, Freudenberg partnered with Betabox to bring unique and innovative Experiences to the communities and schools of their North Carolina employees. The main purpose of the partnership was to help educate and inspire the next wave of potential future scientists and engineers at Freudenberg as well as to provide a dynamic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 


Students were greeted by a Betabox Guide and Technician upon arrival and promptly introduced to the two different Experiences developed specifically for the program:  “How to Invent a Product” and “Build a Storm Trooper Mask”. The Experiences incorporated talking points regarding Freudenberg’s business throughout the day to establish a connection between the topics the students were learning and how they could be applied to the workplace.

How did Betabox help?

By partnering with Betabox, representatives of Freudenberg Performance Materials were able to present their business (who they are and what they do) to different groups of young students in an extremely engaging way. Participating students were introduced to various themes and concepts relating Freudenberg’s core business values through the Betabox Experiences thus sparking a growing interest in STEM. More importantly, the students were informed about other companies like Freudenberg that offer paths to future employment.

What did Betabox deliver?

Freudenberg was able to leverage Betabox’s Boost platform that was streamlined and cost-efficient to achieve program success. By utilizing Betabox’s services, Freudenberg went with a Boost package that included co-branding of the Betabox and incorporating company-specific talking points into our existing Experiences. This allowed Freudenberg to maximize their investment in Betabox while still providing an innovative approach to CSR.

Betabox sent two employees into the field to run the day-to-day operations of the program, facilitate the Experiences, and manage transportation logistics to ensure that all events went smoothly.

What were the results?

Over 350 students from across the Triangle actively participated in the four different sessions hosted by Freudenberg. Program volunteers from Freudenberg were thrilled with the outcomes from the engagement and continue to seek partnerships for future programs. 

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