Capital One brings technology experiences to Richmond, VA

About The Program

In the financial industry, STEM skills such as computer programming and data science are in high demand. Companies know that to stay on the cutting edge it is important to establish themselves as a top-employer for high-demand STEM professions. Top employers firmly recognize the importance of hiring a diverse set of individuals into these positions to maximize the variety of perspectives that can be applied to business challenges.

To find a wonderful encapsulation of this ethos, look no future than a recent Betabox Boost program we’ve completed with Capital One. Capital One partnered with Betabox and the National Coalition of Girls Schools to boost a five-day Experience in Richmond, Virginia near their headquarters.

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What were Capital One’s desired outcomes for the program? 

In partnering with Betabox, Capital One sought to address two business needs in addition to fulfilling their ambition to give back to the Richmond community. The first was to increase the visibility of their Women In Tech career programming by providing valuable real-world experiences for female students in the region.

Next, Capital One viewed Betabox as a creative way to engage their current STEM employees in their community projects in a volunteer capacity.

What did Betabox deliver to Capital One?

Dynamic real-world experiences:

For this engagement NCGS choose the 3D Rockets and LED Flower Experiences that we provide. In these Experiences participants build foundational skills in electronics, design, and problem solving. The Betabox facility was equipped with a suite of 3D Printing and Laser Cutting technologies for the students to operate in their sessions.

Here is Betabox Guide Nick explaining more about these Experiences:

“On Thursday and Friday, we’re going to have groups of students coming in. We’ll be doing two different projects: one of them uses all of the different technology here. It’s a 3D-printed LED flower, so that’s cool, because if you have 20 students who all make flowers, you can plant all of them in one place. And they all glow at night–cool to see. We’ll laser-cut the flower petals, we’ll 3D-print the flower buds, and they’ll actually be able to put the LED together on the battery, put it all together, and go out and plant that. The second project they’ll be doing is a customized rocketry project, so we’ll be having small air-compressed rockets, a 3D-printed nose cone, and laser-printed fin they can glue on and attach, then we go outside and launch the rockets, which is always fun to see.”

Branding Placements:

For Capital One, Betabox provided branding placements on the front and side of the Betabox facility, proudly displaying Capital One’s support of the initiative. Capital One choose to include their Women In Tech program branding along with a link to their careers page. These placements were seen by an estimated 2,000 event participants and a countless number of additional passersby from the road.

Local Media Attention:

Betabox staff actively engaged local media to create and publish an article about the event, which was published on the front page of the local RVA News online newspaper. This increased the visibility of the program and Capital One’s involvement.

What were the results?

This five-day Boost brought with it a host of positive benefits for both the Richmond educational ecosystem and Capital One as a partner.

Volunteer Engagement:

25 volunteers from Capital One logged approximately 150 service hours. In addition to helping the student participants with their own projects, a few Capital One employees collaborated with each other on their own hands-on projects!

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Teacher Professional Development:

In addition to the students, 500 teachers walked though the Betabox during these engagements to learn about the presented technologies.

“Having the Betabox [at the conference] added a whole new element and really encouraged our educators to practice what they preach. I am so appreciative to you for being such an integral part of all of it!” – Jen Shakeshaft, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Professional Development National Coalition of Girls’ Schools

Employer Brand Building:

Supporting opportunities like Betabox Boost is one of the reasons that Capital One has built itself into a top STEM employer and supporter of women in STEM. It’s these types of initiatives that have lead to Capital One being nominated as the Best Workplace for Diversity in 2018.

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